What the Hack Special: First Day

Today’s the first day of the Hacker Outdoor Event What the Hack. Since the conference language is English, I will blog in English too. This is better than switching languages all the time and allows more people to participate in my blog.
The event started with a plenary session where Rop Gonggrijp and Emmanuel Goldstein elaborated upon the history of the Dutch hacker camps. This was interesting for me, since I’m quite new to the scene, but I think for regulars it could have been boring, because they knew all about it. Still both speakers were quite entertaining. Actually, I liked it very much and would like to see more of Rop at a forthcoming Chaos Communication Congress.
The afternoon was quite chilly. The only talk I went to was about the upcoming oil crisis. Actually, the speaker had problems with his presentation (Powerpoint and Flash—no wonder!) and most of the information wasn’t really new. Another talk I would have gone to (on home energy saving) didn’t take place and the one on computer power management almost made me fall asleep, so I left after 20 minutes.
Actually, more important than the conference program is the possibility to hang out with other people, e.g. at $fooBAR under the CCC Dome tent or under one of the Tarpaulin tents, and that’s what I did most of the time.
Of course, I spent some time at the Hackcenter in order to write this article…

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