What the Hack Special: Second Day

My second day at What The Hack! (the spiegel.de view) started with a brilliant talk on Cryptography by Brenno de Winter. I didn’t learn that much, but the speaker was really good! The talk on carputer technology was quite different: The issue was new to me, but the presentation was bad: The speaker had his hands in his pockets and was always looking at the screen behind him, shifting from one foot to the other. In the evening I went to the After Dinner Speedgeek Soirée, which for me was pre-dinner. That was real fun! Every speaker had four minutes to make a presentation in front of a small group which after four minutes shifted on to the next speaker.
At night I took part in Ingo’s cooking studio at the Chaos Village and learned how to blanch tomatoes. It sounds easier than it is! It’s a good idea to cut a cross into the shell on the bottom side of the tomato before you pour hot water over them. Ingo’s food is indeed delicious!

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