WTH: Day #3

What The Hack turned into What The Swamp between Day #3 and Day #4. When I came out of my tent, I found a lake just in front of it. Fortunately, Fiedel took a Drainage drill to the camp, so that I could drill a few holes around my tent to drain the ground. (It is really surprising what some people carry around with them).
By the way: take a look at the WTH pics, esp. the night pics. The night illumination organized by Art Event is really great, or to word it more pompously: „It redefines the aesthetics of illumination.“
Today, I didn’t go to many lectures. The lecture on Software patents was somewhat boring, but I liked the one intitled Futureshock to which I went instead. It was slightly psychodelic, but fun. The lecturer talked about the transition between human beings and machines. He talked a lot about Cyborgs and asked how many body parts must still be human to grant a cyborg, machine, machine-man etc. voting rights.

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  1. No, I didn’t took a 5 ft „Érdbohrer“ with me to the WTH 🙂
    The thing was simply standing in the nearby barn.

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