WTH d #4

The desastrous weather had its show down on day 4 of What The Hack, as one of the bloggers illustrated very well (and here’s another view). Still, my tent was dry inside, so I continued enjoying the festival. I went to The Fnord News Show which was only moderately funny (as Monty Python have put it: „The German humour is no laughing matter!“) and the Closing session, which was quite interesting. Rop told us that the next Dutch hacker camp (in 4 years) could take place in Germany, since the Dutch regulations are about to become to strict and moreover organizers will have to pay for the massive police presence that the Dutch law requires. So What The Hack +1 (in 4 years) may be exiled.
The evening after the closing session was really nice. We could sit outside and enjoy the chilling atmosphere at the $fooBAR…
To sum up the whole event: It was really cool! I learnt a lot of stuff, made new friends and enjoyed a really interesting event! Inspite of the weather (that didn’t really bother me a lot), it was great to be there! A special thx to Radio SubEther. I listened to it from time to time (e.g. when cooking or eating in the CCC-kitchen tent). I liked the John von Neumann-Feature by Conz very much. Those who missed it can go through the radio wiki and archives.

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