Wikimania Closing & Day #4+

The Wikimania Closing Session was a bit long, but I liked the results of the Wikimania Media Competitions very much. After that, some of us went out for dinner again and had at-length discussions about Wikipedia issues and the like, so it got late once more, but on day #4+ (Monday) we had to get up early for the meeting of the Wikimedia Local Chapters, the word local means something like ’national‘ here. I don’t know why they are called local—perhaps this is a measure to avoid nationalism—I don’t know…
The governing board of Wikimedia Deutschland had a meeting with a possible sponsor, too, which was quite interesting. Unfortunately, I had to hurry away to get my train. I shared the taxi with Hanno Wagner, one of the network people of the event. He had done a good job and blogged about the event. The network was sometimes unstable, but it worked! They even could fix the temporary unstabilities on day #4! I hope that Hanno aka Rince will be actively involved at the 22c3, the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress, the next big event I’m looking forward to.
Back at home, I had guests arriving from Montreal. It’s nice to be home again and have an international atmosphere there too. I’m getting addicted… 🙂 I will, however, continue my blog in German, since more local stuff is concerned [You are allowed to protest!]. Perhaps, I’ll switch to English for another special on my Wagner experience in Bayreuth in ten days and for the 22c3 special at the end of the year.
Brenno de Winter pointed out to me an interesting article on Bruce Schneier’s security blog: It is about the Orlando airport security program where you can get some sort of security-clearance subscription, in order to get to your flight faster than uncleared people. Beside the fact that this “clearance” may be a security problem in itself, it reminds me of Rop Gonggrijp’s proposal to let people check themselves.

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