The Congress never sleeps

I haven’t blogged here for some days. The reason was the usual end-of-year workload at the university, a holiday visit to my mother and the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress where I am now. Actually, I do blog there, i.e. I contribute to the 22c3 weblog. As I am one of the official bloggers there, I should write more, but I there’s so much else to do there. I already minimize my sleeping time, since the only longer break in the program is between six a.m. and noon. So, usually I take the first subway train in the morning to get some sleep. I’m pretty sure that I’m an exceptional case, because there are a number of people who don’t sleep at all.
Yesterday the Lyrical I presentation took place where Henriette, johl and myself lectured about poetry and presented the most original and the best poems that were send in for the first hackers‘ poetry award. I think we did a good job (I have to see the video when it is online). Another highlight was Constanze’s audio feature Have you hugged your mac today? about the history of Apple, presented by the Humboldt University audio drama group. The presentation was really impressive: I learned a lot about Apple and it was very funny! (I immediately invested a small amount of money into Apple shares…)
There’s more to say about the Congress, but I have to hurry to an upcoming lecture on Google. (Don’t worry! I don’t have any more money to invest.) 🙂

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