22c3 Review

The 22nd Chaos Communication Congress is over and I have recovered in the mean time… Well, I didn’t need to recover very much, because contrary to the 21c3 it was a very relaxing Congress, although I was more active than last year. Here are three reasons why the Congress was so relaxing:

  1. Smoking was discouraged inside the bcc, which improved breathing conditions considerably.
  2. The Congress was a day longer than before.
  3. The wired and wireless Internet connection was fully functional all the time. Lacking internet access made me very nervous last year.

Most talks I listened to were really interesting, and fortunately I can download the recordings of what I missed. That is why the congress is not yet over. As soon as the recordings will be available in a format that I can put on my Apple iPod—or even better: in an open format. 🙂
I met some interesting people during the Congress, as e.g. Victor Eliashberg and Jake Appelbaum whose photos are quite impressive (btw., don’t miss the 22c3 Photo Documentation and the photos on flickr). It’s a pity that I didn’t have more time to speak with these people, but perhaps I’ll meet them again at the 23c3

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