Four things about the USA

Four things I like about the USA:

  • shops that are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week (and have employees who pack up what you have bought),
  • the time-machine effect (you see things that you will notice in Europe about two months later),
  • the importance of linguistics in higher education and research,
  • the independence of universities from lousy reforms by even lousier politicians.

Four things I dislike:

  • waiters that do not stop talking to you when you want to eat (a bit as in a famous Loriot sketch),
  • highway police controls (which really happen quite often on a US interstate highway, esp. if you have a broken headlight and a beard),
  • straight cowboys, esp. you-know-who…,
  • the collection of biometric data (and other fruitless homeland security measures).

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