Rice Linguistics Colloquium

Today I am at the Linguistics Department of Rice University in Houston. It’s a very agreable place, esp. when the weather is nice, as it is now (people say it’s 75 degrees which doesn’t mean much to a centigrader like me). At noon I went to the university restaurant with some colleagues and had some Mexican food which tasted quite exotic to me.

This afternoon I will give a talk at the Rice Linguistics Colloquium about Complex verb constructions in Romance languages and Basque. I’m getting excited already…

I just read the blog of the last week’s invited speaker who had some very special experiences in Houston, albeit under different circumstances and in another century. Compared to that, my visit will certainly be quite uneventful. Actually what happened in 1992 in Houston seems to happen now in Berlin during Lech Kaczynski’s lecture at Humboldt University; so my remark about different circumstances and another century seem to be a bit out of place here.

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