Welcome to the Berlin lesbian & gay street party

Welcome to the Berlin lesbian & gay street party

The Berlin Gay pride week always starts with a two-day street party (ìStadtfestî in German) in and around Nollendorfplatz (the English version of the Wikipedia article is rather short) and Motzstrafle. This street party must not be confused with the big Gay pride parade which takes place on the following Saturday.

Since I won’t have time to go to the parade this year, I wanted to be at the Stadtfest at least. Actually, it can be much more interesting, because various gay and lesbian groups present themselves with information desks at the Stadtfest. Moreover, there are five stages with shows, DJs etc. So there is a lot to see and it is quite easy to get in touch with people at the different information desks.

My main interest though is to meet people I know but haven’t seen for a while. The Stadtfest is an ideal place to meet old friends. It worked out quite well although unfortunately there are people who I was sure to meet and who weren’t there this year. They don’t have a good excuse, because the weather was fine. Perhaps, the Love Parade which took place on Saturday was a strong competitor…

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