The Valkyrie

After Das Rheingold, the prelude to Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, we went to the first real Wagnerian opera of the trilogy yesterday: Die Walküre. It was a very dramatic night – not only where the opera’s contents were concerned. The leading tenor Endrik Wottrich (playing Siegmund) was “indisposed” and still wanted to sing his part in the first act. That turned out to be less fortunate. He was later replaced by Robert Dean Smith who then turned out to be one of the greatest singers of the night! Sometimes it is better to give up in time!

Again, it was fun to watch the audience: One elderly lady came dressed like a Valkyrie with a small helmet on her head. She looked a bit like Hamlet, the son of Häger the Horrible. All in all: a visit to this lengthy opera is worth every moment of it…

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