Siegfried & Götterdämmerung

To cut a long story short here are my experiences from the last two Ring operas in Bayreuth this year. On Friday we saw Siegfried (opera) which I had always considered my least favorite Ring opera: If it hadn’t been for Siegfried killing the dragon, nothing much happens during the four-hour opera. But I liked the Bayreuth version very much. The director Trankred Dorst proved his mastery of very different styles: whereas the first act was very vivid, Wotan’s dialogue with Erda (excellent singer!) was very static and the blue light added to the atmosphere.

The Ring cycle closed with Götterdämmerung, i.e. Twilight of the Gods, where the Gods don’t appear with the exception of the Norns who aren’t really Godesses, as far as I understand. Their singing was very good by the way. The last opera was the first that Richard Wagner composed, before he decided to make a whole cycle out of it. So the whole story is told which can be a bit repetitive. But I have to admit that the 6,5 hours (including two intervals) never became too long…

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