Teaching democracy: my contribution


Today I received a book from the Center of Civic Education. It’s called We the People: Project Citizen Level 2 and is a high school book that teaches civic participation in public policy.

I got the book, because I contributed to it: For the last section I contributed a picture of Aristotle (a 19th-century statue in Freiburg). Here is what the editors wrote to me:

“Thank you very much for allowing us to use your superb photo. It might be gratifying for you to know that this book, and thus your photo, will be in circulation for about 10 years. We plan to print more than a millian copies, most of which will be distributed to high school students around the United States and in about 70 countries around the world. The book will enable readers to influence local public policy and will encourage civic participation.”

Wow… it feels good to be published in over a million copies and to advance civic participation and democracy!

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  1. Ich find das eine sehr schöne Auflage 🙂 Ganz was anderes als Fachlehrbücher oder wissenschaftliche Publikationen 🙂
    Glückwunsch nochmal!

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