Popular Music from Vittula, Donnie Darko

Last night I watched two very interesting movies: The first one was a Swedish film with the title: Populärmusik frân Vittula. It takes place in the North of Sweden near the Finnish border and is about two boys who grow up there and try to set up a Rock’n’Roll band. The film is very funny, although it is about the horrors of growing up in a remote village.

The second film Donnie Darko is somewhat similar: it has an even more horrible setting: suburbia and a wonderful sound track (albeit of a different style). First of all, I was quite reluctant to watch this film, because the DVD cover reminded me of a horror movie, but I was wrong! Fortunately, hukl talked me into watching the movie and I liked it very much! Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting is superb, and the story is fascinating. It comes as no surprise that the film is among the best 250 films on imdb and has reached cult status even in Germany.

I wasn’t sure whether I liked the ending of the film, but the more I think about it the better it gets, because there is a certain circularity in the whole plot and, as my readers know, I like non-linear plots. The story shares similarities with The Butterfly Effect, because both are about time travel; Donnie Darko, however, leaves more questions unresolved. Fortunately, there is a helpful FAQ on the net, which I recommend after you have watched the film at least twice.

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