23rd Chaos Communication Congress

As hukl has already stated, there is too much to report about the 23c3. If you haven’t been there, start with the movie Brazil which is at the origin of the Congress motto „Who can you trust?“. You can take a look at the Congress Blog, the Press Review, and the Photo Documentation. Don’t miss the 23c3 pics on flickr. And what is more: the Congress videos will be out very soon (actually, low-quality versions have already leaked through).

Here are some personal impressions:

  • From an organizational point of view the Congress was very smooth. Everything worked well. There were some minor internet problems, esp. on day 2, but on the whole the network did what it was supposed to do and provided high-speed internet access.
  • The program committee did a good job, because the conference program was really good. Since there were four parallel tracks and a Workshop track, there were always something interesting on the Congress schedule. Fortunately, there will be the conference videos to watch the lectures I missed. Actually, I took advantage of the Congress TV, in order to zap between lectures.
  • My personal highlights were:
    • The Konrad Zuse live feature: Again Constanze’s live-feature group presented a very interesting audio-visual feature on a pioneer of computer science.
    • The linguistic fingerprint: Just an overview lecture: It would have been better without the historical approach, and the part about source code fingerprinting, since that is a totally different subject, but I liked the lecture, because it was very stimulating.
    • Honk’s lecture on card data security.
    • Amit Singh’s lecture on TPM, which was biassed (Jake Appelbaum’s question made the point), but interesting nonetheless, since it gave some insight into the internal functioning of Mac OS X.
    • Udo Vetter’s very funny and informative lecture on house searching which was parallel to another interesting lecture on Pr0n by Tina Lorenz. Thanks to the video streaming, I could follow both. 🙂
    • The talk on Pod Journalism was another highlight! I still have to watch the full video version which I have just looked into so far.
    • Last but not least, I have to mention my own contribution which was fun, at least for the people on stage and hopefully for the audience too.
  • The main point of the event is of course the overall atmosphere. I spent much time at the speakers’ lounge, because I took part in the speakers’ support team (in German: Konferenzleitung). That is a great place to meet new and interesting people. I had lots of fascinating chats with people from all over the world. It’s always the right place to be, although it has become a bit small for the great number of lectures who need help.

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