Rebecca Horn & Month of Photography

On Saturday, I went to see the Rebecca Horn exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin. I was a bit disappointed by what I saw: surprisingly, Rebecca Horn’s art struck me as somewhat outdated. It reminded me of past documenta exhibitions. I couldn’t help feeling that this was art of a past generation which has lost its impact. The feeling was corroborated by the almost total absence of significantly younger people in the exhibitions, which is peculiar in Berlin.

Afterwards, I went to the two photo exhibitions at the same place. They were part of the Month of Photography that took place in Berlin, Bratislava, Luxembourg, Moscow, Paris, Rome, and Vienna (I already wrote about it in November). I was lucky to see these exhibitions, because the closed on Sunday.

The Hamburg art initiative klubfoto showed pictures (and texts) under the title berühmt (‘notorious’). The photos were quite different in (artistic and technical) quality, but most of them were funny. Of course, a group that calls itself „klubfoto“ is obviously interested in campy art.

Under the title Mutations I the organizers of the Month of Photography had selected works of young artists from the participating capitals. As far as I understood they had to undergo a double selection process on the local/national and on the international level. The resulting selection was impressive. Especially, the contributions from Berlin, Bratislava, Moscow, and Vienna impressed me very much. Especially, in Eastern Europe young photo artists come up with really new and promising ideas! And the other contributions weren’t bad either – with the exception of Luxembourg, but Luxembourg is simply too small and provincial to have a thriving art scene comparable to that of Moscow, Paris and so on.

It’s a pity that the traditional Long Museum Night won’t take place at the end of January, as it used to be until last year. I hope they will revive the tradition in summer, since that is always a good occasion to take a look at what is going on in the art world.

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