I started the new year more or less in bed, because I had caught a bad flu. As a good civil servant I was ill precisely during my New Year holidays. Although I had different plans, I spent most of the time in bed which wasn’t too bad, since I could catch up with some reading. Unfortunately, I couldn’t concentrate very much, so I had to stick to light reading. So I finished Tom Sharpe’s novel Wilt which managed to cheer me up quite a bit. The book is very British and quite funny. Sharpe knows how to build a very witty plot, and it’s especially funny for people who work in a teaching profession and like absurd situations. Of course, you have to like the British sense of Humour (spelt in the British way).

There is a (seemingly mediocre) film version of Wilt on the market. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get hold of it. I saw another example of British cinema instead: The IPCRESS file, which ranks among the 50 Films to See Before You Die. The film is funny enough and certainly more intelligent than the average James Bond movie (cf. review), although I wouldn’t rank it that high. One can live and die without having watched it.

All in all, I’m not so sure about the 50 films in the list. Perhaps, I’ll try Breakfast Club, which I don’t know either, or wait for further recommendations…

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