The Last King of Scotland & 11:14

After last week’s numerous activities I spent a more or less quiet weekend: among other relaxing activities, I watched two very good movies: The Last King of Scotland and 11:14. Despite the somewhat misleading title The Last King of Scotland is set in Uganda, and is a fictional story about the friendship between a Scottish doctor and the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. I liked the film mainly because of Forest Whitaker’s acting (79th Academy Awards#Acting), the African music and the plot on how political power can corrupt and make people lose their self-control.

11:14 reminds of Memento or Pulp Fiction, since it is not based on linear chronological continuity. As in a police investigation the spectator has to find the links between seemingly unrelated events that take place in a small Californian town at around 11:14 p.m. That is the reason why the film demands some attention, in order not to miss a crucial detail. The soundtrack is great too!

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