The Wagner Ring in Nürnberg

In the last two weeks I went to Nürnberg four times in order to see Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner. The Nürnberg production of Das Rheingold didn’t convince me. Very often the choreography wasn’t right and the orchestra played correctly, but without inspiration and was often too loud. In the ensuing Valkyrie the situation didn’t get much better: The valkyries reminded me of the Nürnberg Christkindl, just like the forest bird (Waldvogel) in Siegfried. Fortunately, the singing was very good from the beginning.

My impression became much more positive with the third opera of the cycle: Siegfried – the staging became better, Brünnhilde looked more like a ‘real’ valkyrie, and the singers’ performance was really extraordinary. They even managed to make the orchestra sound less blasting. Thus, the last opera Götterdämmerung really became the culmination of the whole cycle. I liked the idea to underline the transformation of the characters by their costumes (and hair). Considering all four operas together, I think the Ring cycle in Nürnberg was really worthwhile.

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