Camp Talks

Here are some comments on the talks & workshops I attended at the Chaos Communication Camp. If you have missed some or all of them, you’ll be able to watch the camp video recordings that will be ready by the end of the year (and announced on the CCC events blog).

  • The first lecture was Constance & starbug’s talk on the avoidance of surveillance & biometrics which I liked, although it didn’t contain anything new to me, but of course, it was meant for a general public.
  • This talk was followed by Frank & Ron’s contribution on Stasi 2.0. Again, I didn’t learn so much and began to get a bit disappointed, because I had higher expectations. Nevertheless, their talk gave a good overview and will have some follow up at an upcoming CCC event.
  • I went to another talk by Frank (this time with erdgeist) with the somewhat misleading title How to (really) forget your secret crypto key. It dealt with security flaws of flash memory. I finally got some new information, but I recommend the lecturers to do their talks in German.
  • Levien’s lecture on Life & Complexity promised to be interesting. Unfortunately, the lecturer spent to much time on his introduction (more than 40 out of 50 minutes, including discussion time!). Somebody has to tell him that human beings (unlike Shiva) have but two hands, which wasn’t enough for holding a microphone and a manuscript while handling a computer and pointing to slides.
  • Hacking on the Nanoscale was a real highlight of the camp lectures. It has probably stimulated some new approaches to hardware hacking.
  • Dan Kaminsky’s Black Ops was an entertaining contribution to the Camp’s program, but unfortunately Dan hopped from one topic to the next which got me rather confused at about one o’clock in the morning, all the more that switched between his talk and the Taugshow, which wasn’t less confusing.
  • Aleχ’s workshop on Lojban was another highlight of my personal Camp program. I hope he’ll be offering a follow-up too.

As you can see from the program schedule, I missed quite a lot of interesting stuff. That’s why I’m desperately waiting for the video documentation.

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