Curing a cold

The new year started badly. On January, 2nd I fell ill and suffered from a very bad cold (with fever, a bad cough and a headache). The only thing I could do was staying in bed. It was difficult for me even to read or listen to a podcast, I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. I slept very badly, so I was constantly in a state between being awake and sleeping. The physician advised me to stay in bed, and that really helped. After a week I got better again. It seems that there are only two remedies for such virus infections: sleeping and drinking tea (that must be the reason for the German saying: “Abwarten und Tee trinken!” ‘Wait and drink tea!’). Of course, I added lots of vitamins and zinc to my diet. For want of appetite, I didn’t eat very much and lost 2.5 kg (which is certainly a positive side effect).

Fortunately, for my entertainment, I had rediscovered Get Smart, a television series of my childhood (in German called Mini-Max). Since one episode is about 20 minutes long, it was just the right length for my lacking concentration. I can highly recommend the series, because of the interesting spy gadgets. The shoe phone is just great, as is the miniature record player, and all the other stuff. The New York accent of the main character and the German accent of scientists and evil spies are also very funny. So, if you happen to fall ill and want some light entertainment, try Maxwell Smart!

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