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Today I finally had the opportunity to watch the new Star Trek movie, unfortunately in German. I liked it very much. I’ve never been a Trekkie, although Star Trek: The Original Series marked my childhood to a significant extent (in the beginning in black and white at my grandparents’ home). The real fans were perhaps unhappy about the changed timeline. On the other hand, changing the timeline (and thus the plot) is a good idea, especially to improve the suspense of the story, which takes place about the time between the last season of the television series and the first of the original series (set in the 2200s).

The film has to solve a difficult problem: it has to „marry“ the poor optics of the original series with what is possible and expected from nowadays’ visual effects. In its plot, it introduces the main characters of the original series in their younger days (though in a changed timeline). Contrary to the original cowboy-like characters, they have a more down-to-earth love and sex life. Fortunately, this aspect is not too obnoxious. The actors are cute and play very professionally (again contrary to the original series). I liked Anton Yelchin best, who played the young Pavel Chekov.

All in all, this is a film that I can recommend to all who know the (original) series; for newcomers to Star Trek, the film is understandable, but a lot of fun is lost.

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  1. While I thought that the changed time-line was a nice way to gloss over all sorts of inconsistencies with the normal continuity (for example how to marry this whole setup with the events of „First Contact“), for the rest I was less than impressed with the overal story. We have seen this so often before (strange, deranged loner vilain, that is dispached by loner hero acting in selfless but surprisingly elegant manner), that it really pales next to some very inventive storylines in some of the TV shows.
    The love triangle Spock / Uhura / Kirk seemed an unlikely idea pasted on to have at least some female character in the story.
    What also quite annoyed me is the fact that this future, incredibly advanced spaceship the vilain travels around in, is an incredibly dark and confusing environment, where it is very easy to jump and fall several meters. I think even Romulans would go for more user-friendly design.
    My favorite moment of the whole movie (I laughed out loud) is when one of the characters *unfolds* his long sword, that he obviously had been carrying around in a small pouch. Here’s creative thinking about the future!
    My impression is that this is probably the last movie in the series we are likely to see.

  2. I have no idea why the time stamp doesn’t work, probably some time-travel paradox!

    I agree about the love triangle, but I’m not sure whether this will be the last Star Trek movie. I don’t know enough about Romulans to explain the design of their space ship. 🙁

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