My favorites 2009

  • best movie I saw in 2009: Primer, a must-see low-budget cult movie on time traveling,
  • best TV series: Seinfeld: this is not a new series, but I got the complete collection only this year (thanks to hukl), and enjoyed it so much!
  • best book I read in 2009: A Most Wanted Man by John le Carré, a most plausible story about post-cold-war espionage in Germany,
  • best podcast, as in 2008 & 2007: Der Tag, on Hessischer Rundfunk; this year’s best episode: Yo-ho und ne Buddel voll Bits (Yo-ho and a bottle of bits),
  • best Compact Disk I bought in 2009: I can hardly believe I didn’t buy any; obviously, the age of the CD is over,
  • best music I discovered in 2009: Dave Van Ronk’s songs;
  • in June 2009, I finally bought an iPhone, so here’s the best App I found so far: iThoughts, a very practical mindmapping tool, which made me rediscover mindmapping.

Ein Gedanke zu „My favorites 2009“

  1. Best politician: Ursula von der Leyen, because she made us nerds aware that we have to engage ourselves in politics.

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