My 2010 Favorites

  • best movie I saw in 2010: Inception, mostly thanks to Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack,
  • best TV series: Boston Legal: this is not a new series, but I came to know and appreciate it only in 2010,
  • most interesting fiction book I read in 2010: Watchmen,
  • best non-fiction book I read in 2010: Schwarzbuch Deutsche Bahn,
  • best podcast in 2010 (I only discovered it on the last day of the year): Raumzeit,
  • most interesting language I studied in 2010: toki pona,
  • best music I re-discovered in 2010: songs by the Basque singer and song writer Mikel Laboa;
  • best gadget: in June 2010, I bought an iPad,
  • so here’s the best App I found so far: iAnnotate,
  • and here’s the best iPhone App I found in 2010: CamScanner.
  • .

2 Gedanken zu „My 2010 Favorites“

  1. At least we have one in common: Mikel Laboa was also my best musical discovery in 2010. I am glad that you enjoyed the toki pona course—my favourite language of 2009. Last year it was, of course, Basque.

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